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Supplier of products and services to the power generation industry


Tecnoelettra is the only company in its sector that choose to test the quality of its technology with the severe HALT Test (Highly Accelerated Life Test) that simulates the use of the product in very stressful conditions, using it beyond the working conditions for which it was designed 8temperature -60/+120°, high humidity, vibrations of 30gRMS..) This test is a destroying type of test that shows every single imperfection or planning defect. Tecnoelettra’s quality products pass excellently this hard test.


The ISO 9001 certification, given in 2000 by DNV-GL, certifies the standardization of the industrial process of the company.


A very important aspect that makes really unique Tecnoelettra’s proposals is relied to guarantee concept. The two years of guarantee offered by competitors start at the moment you but the article, Tecnoelettra put in its installations a special function that notices when the electrical panel starts working: it is from this very moment that the guarantee starts, with a full length of two years: it is very advantageous for the client, and it is a demonstration of company quality. You can forget a Tecnoelettra’s product, once installed.